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Apache Samza 0.10 [Docs]

We are excited to announce that the much awaited Apache Samza 0.10.0 has been released. It is a major release with new features; notably HDFS and ElasticSearch support, broadcast streams.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Overall, 130 JIRAs were resolved in this release. Here are few highlights

  • SAMZA-348 Add Coordinator Stream to support large and dynamic configuration in a Samza job
  • SAMZA-704 Command-line tool to write to the Coordinator Stream
  • SAMZA-676 Added support for Broadcast Stream
  • SAMZA-617 Add host affinity support for stateful jobs in YARN
  • SAMZA-537 Support for TTL for RocksDB stores
  • SAMZA-693 Add HDFS system producer
  • SAMZA-654 Add ElasticSearch system producer
  • SAMZA-598 Create CLI tool to query RocksDB stores
  • SAMZA-798 Fix performance issues related to merging checkpoint and coordinator stream
  • SAMZA-754 Fix race condition in job runner between coordinator consumer and producer

Sources and Artifacts


For more details about this release, please check out the release blog post.