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Apache Samza 0.13 [Docs]

We are very excited to announce the release of Apache Samza 0.13.0. It contains previews for the following highly anticipated features; notably new programming model and deployment model.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Overall, 150 JIRAs were resolve in this release. Here are few highlights

  • SAMZA-871 Adds container heartbeat
  • SAMZA-1140 Enable async commit
  • SAMZA-1143 Add configurations for localizing arbitrary resources in YARN.
  • SAMZA-1154 Add new endpoint to samza-rest to get information about all tasks in a job
  • SAMZA-1158 Add samza-rest monitor to clean up stale local stores
  • SAMZA-1083 Handle task stores that are older than delete tombstones correctly
  • SAMZA-1100 Handle empty stream for both bootstrap and broadcast scenarios
  • SAMZA-1112 Fix broker proxy to log fatal errors
  • SAMZA-1121 Fix stream appender to prevent propagating exceptions to the caller
  • SAMZA-1157 Fix logging for serialization and deserialization errors

Upgrade Notes

  • Samza now supports Scala 2.12.
  • Kafka version to
  • Elasticsearch version to 2.2.0

Sources and Artifacts


For more details about this release, please check out the release blog post.